Who we are | Asterina

Who we are

Asterina is a project that grew from a desire to transform a passion for the sea and marine biology into an activity promoting themed nature excursions in and about the Mediterranean sea and its creatures.

It is aimed at all those impassioned by the sea and nature, be they experts or not, who want to find out more about the marine world and wish to contribute to divulging and safeguarding this knowledge, whilst never losing sight of a little relaxation, enjoyment and respect for the gentle rhythm of a holiday.

Armando Verona

Graduate in biology with many years experience in Marine Biology, scuba diving, free diving, as well as time as an ESA snorkelling instructor and captain of the M/B Asterina.

In-depth expert of the seabeds of Sardinia and especially those of the Gulf of Cagliari.

Expert educator in both primary and secondary school on the themes of marine ecology and sustainability.

Manuela Verona

Graduate in natural science and an ESA scuba diving instructor since 2001. She is mainly concerned with the monitoring of the marine environment (oceanic poseidonia and macro algae) and education in the field of the ecology of the sea, for both adults and children. From 2013 she has been an ESA instructor/trainer for the marine biology courses – EcoDiver.