The school

Would you like to do a snorkelling trip but have never done snorkelling?

On the Asterina we organise the ESA Open Water Explorer course which was designed to introduce whoever is interested and fit enough to go snorkelling, all with the maximum respect for safety and offering every benefit this activity offers.

The end result of the ESA Open Water Explorer course is the preparation for the practice of snorkelling and to highlight the aspects of safety as well as knowledge and respect for the environment, never forgetting to have fun though.

During the program the participants are able to learn the fundamental notions necessary to practice snorkelling and to learn the techniques which facilitate and offer the safest way to explore the aquatic worlds below.

It is the job of our ESA instructor – Acqualeader – to tailor the program, respecting the established norms, to the necessity and expectations of the client, offering him/her a made to measure course.

You just need to know how to swim…


Would you like to know the marine environment better?

The ESA Ecoexplorer course was designed to introduce whoever is interested, fit enough and able to go snorkelling safely, to the discovery of the aquatic environment with an analytical, friendly and responsible approach.

The end result of the ESA Ecoexplorer course is the introduction to the knowledge and respect of marine ecosystems during the practice of snorkelling.


Are you already a snorkeler who would like to go on a guided trip?

Having a guide who is an expert on the location allows you to enjoy the taste of a snorkelling trip safe in the knowledge that you will see the best, as well as the tranquility guaranteed by the responsible organisation of the logistics. Not to mention an expert of the meteo-marine conditions of the area. Asterina organises guided trips along the southern coast of Sardinia, for details see the section ‘Excursions’