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Do not settle for
a simple excursion

With Asterina you can discover the secrets of the Sardinian sea without giving up the fun

If you are looking for a new kind of excursion Asterina is just the thing for you!


Snorkelling School

At Asterina we organise the ESA Open Water Explorer course which was designed to introduce whoever is interested and fit enough to snorkelling.

Marine Biology Course

Asterina offers a series of educational activities for primary and secondary school children to promote respect for nature.

Nature Watching

We come across a wide variety of sea birds, amongst which are wild doves in the so-called “Grotta dei Colombi” (Wild Dove Cave), one of the first known settlements of the Gulf of Cagliari from prehistoric times.

Together to discover

Thanks to our experience we can take you to discover the most beautiful coastlines, and teach you all about the fauna and flora of this marvellous island.

Choose the excursion for you


Snorkeling Sella del diavolo

If you like snorkelling this half day excursion is just right for you. Come and discover the fascinating underwater world around the Sella del Diavolo (Devil’s Saddle) promontory in the centre of the Gulf of Cagliari.

Trekking on the Sella del Diavolo

The Sella del Diavolo promontory is a real naturalistic pearl set in the Gulf of Cagliari, just a few minutes from the city centre. The panorama is quite breathtaking and there are several points of great natural, archaeological and historical interest to be observed.

Nora and Pula a Plunge into the Blue

We anchor in the beautiful emerald green sea in front of the archaeological ruins of Nora where we can dive for a morning of snorkelling along the cliffs. Afterwards we can enjoy some moments of relaxation in front of the Capo Pula promontory.

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